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2015.03.18 Monument Valley

Taken at the start line of the Monument Valley 50 Mile Race, the day before the start.  The 100 mile runners are outView full post »


20141203 – Plane and Pilot

The Plane and Pilot. Denver, Colorado.View full post »


20141128 The Pack

Me and my Pack, Duke and Whitney on our way to another adventure.View full post »


20141123 Highway 99 – Bakersfield, CA

Driving out of a storm and towards the rays of light. Highway 99 – Bakersfield, CAView full post »


20141109 Deer Range Point

Sunday Hike to Dear Range Point. At he Peak of Deer Range Point (EL 7,459′) we found a small pile of rocks.  IView full post »


20140814 Kaibab Hills

Ran 20 miles today to the Kaibab hills.  These photos were taken at sunset after the run. Molly’s Nipple is theView full post »


20140810 Elephant Butte

Ran 15 miles in the sandy roads around Elephant Butte. Leaves in the middle of the trail.  View full post »


20140730 Back yard cliffs

Tree above the cliff. Rain and Rainbow.  Our house is in the bottom of the photo. Ridge Line looking towards theView full post »

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